EPISODE 77 – Coast Con 40 Wrap up!
March 16, 2017 • No Comments

Summary: The lads talk about their adventures at Coast Con 40. **Spoiler Alert** - It was awesome! Thank you to everyone who came by the WYM

EPISODE 74 – F@$K this BULLSH!T Holiday!
February 16, 2017 • No Comments

Summary: The lads discuss all things love, romance, Valentine's Day, and periodically listen to metal to offset it. They also revisit "Gum-Tracks." In the Studio: Dan Ken Critter Cocktail du Jour: Sex

EPISODE 57 – I Miss that F@%king Show!
September 08, 2016 • 1 Comment

Summary: The lads and lady are talking about good TV shows that were ended too soon! Milk tasting... WTF is going on in the Land Locked

Episode 51 – Fashionable as Fuck!
July 21, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: We're back! Kicking off semester 6 with introducing our new charity, Ryan drops some new cocktails on us (one is great, one is fucking terrible),