EPISODE 160 – Semester 16 Wrap Up!
October 08, 2019 • No Comments

Summary: The lads talk about semester 16 wrap up and share your comments, calls, and zombie game responses! Listen

EPISODE 157 – New Music 2019
July 28, 2019 • No Comments

Summary: The lads talk about new Music... Retaliative to now... What could they be listening too? Listen and find

EPISODE 151 – Guilty Pleasures: Music
March 31, 2019 • No Comments

Summary: The lads discuss Guilty Pleasures again but this time ismusic! Ever wonder these weirdos listen to that they feel guilty about? Well now

EPISODE 144 – Fat City Drum Corps
December 21, 2018 • 1 Comment

Summary: The Lads have a special guest who a honor roll member, Chad G. and he is here to tell

EPISODE 90 – Semester 9 Wrap Up!
July 06, 2017 • No Comments

Summary: The lads wrap up Semester 9 in their traditional fashion, popping some champagne and reading some of their favorite comments, posts, and contributions from you,

EPISODE 49 – What the Shit Are You Eating?!
June 23, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: The lads weird food combos and curse the night away for the #CleanWaterFund. Dan's Arcade goes token as hell with this weeks entertainment! Psssstt... Voltron....