Episode 28 – End of 2015 and Puke!!!
December 30, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: "The one where Paul puked:" The lads trade stories of extreme, balls-out laughter; Dan discusses some upcoming movies, and... Paul yaks. In the Studio: Dan Ken Ryan Critter Paul Cocktail du Jour: The

A Sweary Christmas to All: The lost Episode
December 23, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: This was originally supposed to be our 11th Episode. Long story short: we fucked it up. The conversation seemed to take an endless series of

Episode 26 – There’s a Critter among us!!!
December 09, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: Stay out of the goddamn stores... "the Purge" is real! The lads discuss the confusing nature of Black Friday deals, their strangest dreams, and Ryan

Episode 25 – Pregameing for Thanksgiving!!!
December 02, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: Bow your heads and be reverent for fuck sake! The lads discuss Thanksgiving fare, Spencer recaps his visit to the track, and Dan raves about

Episode 24 – FAT HACKS and Equinophobia!
November 25, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: Hot and bothered. The lads discuss Star Wars: Battlefront, "fat hacks," and Dan's equinophobia (Google it).

Episode 22 – Live and let shut the fuck up!
November 11, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: Live and let shut the fuck up: In anticipation of the new 007 film, the lads talk Bond: the gadgets, the cars, the drink, and

Episode 21 – Remember, Remember!
November 04, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: Remember, remember!  The lads discuss Guy Fawke's day, V for Vendetta, and Michael offers some bonfire safety tips (like, say, filling a backpack sprayer with

Episode 20 – Halloween Special!!
October 28, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: It's the Halloween special! The crew discusses the highs and lows of candy, shows their ages with remembering childhood specials, and John introduces us to

Episode 19 – 1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!
October 21, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: The crew discusses the "Back to the Future" anniversary: trivia, memorable moments, and general nostalgia. Also, Ken glosses over how those "We Buy Houses" businesses

Episode 18 – Give me your some quarters!!
October 14, 2015 • No Comments

Summary: The crew discusses all things arcades: favorite games, frustrations, and current/upcoming movies. Also, Ken rants about chipper office folk.