EPISODE 147 – What the SPUD!?
January 30, 2019 • No Comments

Summary: The lads are in the studio talking about some taters, the spuds, POE-TA-TOES... (boil-em, mash-em, stick-em in a stew...) whats types of

EPISODE 134 – Best Thing I Ever Ate…
August 26, 2018 • No Comments

Summary: The lads share the Best Thing they have ever eaten... What will they share with you? Please share your comments below on this topic! ***Don’t forget

EPISODE 124 – ME/CFS Explained!
May 24, 2018 • 2 Comments

Summary: The lads have special guests in the studio for this episode! We get hear more about ME/CFS and its effects/life changes on those diagnosed with