This is a break from our normal recording because of the COVID-19 Quarantine… So dive into the bunker and check out what the lads are doing during Quarantine… Also please leave comments, call in and share what you and yours are doing during this Pandemic…

Thank you to all Essential Personnel!

Stay safe and healthy WYMPs!

WYM Crew – Ken, Dan, and Critter

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  • PFC David Willis • 2 years ago

    Found out about this from a mod from Fallout 4. I have no idea whats going on in these podcasts but yall are alright to listen to.

  • wympodcast • 2 years ago

    Cheers! Thanks much for checking us out! For the most part we are a Swearity (We Swear for charity). Currently we are in a break from our normal format due to social distancing and COVID madness. Check out some of our previous Episodes (Ep. 25 and on is best for consistency).

    Stay Healthy/Safe!

    WYM Crew

    “Swearing is caring so Watch Your Mouth!”