EPISODE 107 – F@&KIN’ Nailed It!

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The lads talk about some of their more epic fails. Turns out there were a lot of them.

***Don’t forget you can call and leave a message swearing up shit storm for the foul-mouthed philanthropists! Calls will be aired on future episodes. Here’s the number: 985-265-7726***

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: Monkey Gland

-2 oz. Gin
-1 barspoon of Absinthe
-1 oz. Orange Juice
-0.5 oz. Grenadine

Add all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake it hard as shit and then strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Quote du Jour:

Vincent Hanna – [to Albert] Don’t waste my motherfucking time!

Vincent Hanna – HEAT

Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

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1 Comment

  • Billiam • 2 years ago

    You know what? No one comments on the site. So I’ll fix that.

    When I was about 22, when I still worked at my family’s flower shop, I was grabbing a soda from inside the walk-in fridge. Little did I know that the particular soda I had picked up was previously dropped. So I open it, still standing in the fridge, and it starts to shoot out before the cap is even off. Now I’m panicking because cleaning a mess in the fridge is just a pain in the ass. So what did I do? Stuck it in my mouth. My reasoning was that I could drink the soda being spilled AND keep it from falling on the ground. It was a great idea and would turn into an interesting story, right? Not quite.

    So what happened next, allow me to regale you with the rest of the story. The cap twisted off and the pressure shot it down my throat. So now I’m panicking even more. I turn around and walk out of the fridge, my dad rounds the corner and I do the “international sign for choking” which I now know is only international because it’s ingrained in our DNA when we’re in panic mode. My dad starts panicking too because his one and only beloved son’s life is waning right in front of him. So he goes in for the Heimlich and I forget to put my arms up and he forgets to make me do it, so he’s bear hugging me and I’m being jerked around like a rag doll. After a bit of that he realizes he hears me wheezing, which means air is coming in, which means since my airway isn’t completely blocked, the Heimlich won’t do a lot of good.

    Eventually I get the cap out through a mixture of manly crying and throwing up and that’s how I almost killed myself by being a dumb ass with a dumb idea thinking I was being smart.