EPISODE 104 – Grooming for Success!

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The lads discuss grooming. Seriously. You read that right. It’s a subject that everyone can really relate to.

***Don’t forget you can call and leave a message swearing up shit storm for the foul-mouthed philanthropists! Calls will be aired on future episodes. Here’s the number: 985-265-7726***

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: Negroni

-1 oz. Gin
-1 oz. Campari (a bitter liqueur
-1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir a bunch. Like a whole bunch. Strain into a fresh glass. If the glass you’re pouring will have ice, use a small tumbler glass. If you’re not using ice, class it up a bit and used a stemmed glass like a coupe glass. If you’re using a hollowed goat skull, well…do what you think is best. We won’t dare tell you how to live by society’s rules. Garnish with an orange twist (again, only do this if you’re trying to get laid and impress someone or you’re doing it to show off on social media to show those Facebook plebeians what class looks like).

 Quote du Jour:

Wheeler – See you tomorrow Ronnie,
Ronnie – Fuck you, Ansen.
Wheeler – Never gets old
Ronnie – Wait wait wait… (slap)HAHAHAHAHA
Wheeler – Ow… Bitch!

Ronnie and Wheeler – Role Models


Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

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