EPISODE 93 – Revisiting Embarrassing Stories

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The lads revisit some more of their most embarrassing stories. Apparently Critter has some issues with locked doors. Listen to the show, you’ll see what we mean.

***Countdown to Episode 100 is in full swing! Don’t forget to call and leave us a message swearing up shit storm! Calls will be aired on Episode 100. Here’s the number: 985-265-7726***

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: Gibson

– 1.5 oz. Gin
– 0.5 oz. Vermouth
– Cocktail Onions

Stir the gin and vermouth together with ice and strain into one of those goddamned impractical triangle martini glasses. Then garnish with an albino testicle (cocktail onion).

Quote du Jour:

Vance – Lately your work performance has been…. a little off.
Tom – I’m not following.
Vance – OK um, here is something that you wrote last week. “Roses are red, violets are blue… Fuck you, whore!”

Vance and Tom – 500 days of Summer

Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

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