EPISODE 88 – F@$K Yeah! Summer Time!

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Summary: The lads welcome the summer with some of their best memories of summer. Plus, they make a shocking and frankly, haunting discovery about Jess.

In the Studio:


Special Guest: Jess Callac

Cocktail du Jour: Bug Juice

– 4 Parts Absolut Mandarin
– 2 Parts Passoã
– 7 Parts Pineapple Juice

Just mix all ingredients together with ice. It’s kind of a party style booze drink, so serve in a crystal punch bowl if your fancy as fuck, or mix in a giant Gatorade container if you don’t give a fuck.

Quote du Jour:

Coop: Do you really love Katie?
Andy: Not really.
Coop: Because I really love her man. And if you have one ounce of decency. you will do the right thing and let her go
Andy: No way!
Coop: No way?
Andy: Fuck no dude, she’s hot. In fact, fuck off.
Coop: I will not Fuck off. Your making a really big mistake buddy. Because that women is not your play thing
Andy: Coop, seriously fuck off. Sick of talking about this with you.
Coop: GOD!

Coop and Andy – Wet Hot American Summer

Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

Charity: Songs For Kids Foundation: https://www.songsforkids.org/


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