EPISODE 55 – Pets We Love and Hate!



The lads/lady discuss pets. Why we love them, why they are better than most people,….The list can go on and on. They also prepare themselves for their midterm break.

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: Pimm’s Cup

Quote du Jour:

Jamie – Hey you know what, you and I should stay friends.
Parker – Really?

Jamie and Parker – Friends with Benefits

Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

Pics & Links:

Zombie Game: Home Gym

Home Gym-Weight Room

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  • Bryan • 3 years ago

    No zombie gym pic on your website?

    • wympodcast • 3 years ago


      Thanks for the reminder! We have been running the Zombie game on Facebook for so long. One pic coming right up!

    • wympodcast • 3 years ago

      Image is up. We are looking forward to your kick ass escape plan!

      • Bryan • 3 years ago


  • Billiam • 3 years ago

    Escape plan time.

    First, I’d then run over to the yoga balls and deflate them with smashed glass and wrap the rubbery plastic shit around my neck, arms, and legs, anywhere super exposed. Then I would grab the ab rollers and strap them to the bench that’s forward most in the picture. I’d take the piece of wood that the fan is sitting on and place it on the edge of the bench. i’d take dumbbells and place them all along the piece of wood and then strap it to the bench. When the door breaks down I’d use the bench of wheels as a battering ram to get zombies out of my way. Does one of them try to bite me? Too fucking bad zombie! You can’t bite through sweaty ass yoga ball rubber! I’d push the bench all the way to the choppa.