EPISODE 50 – The BIG 50 and Return of SML!!
June 30, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: EPISODE FUCKING 50!!! The lads continue to spitting swears words for the In the Studio: Dan Ken Critter Michael Cocktail du Jour: Singapore Sling Quote du Jour: Jimmy Monroe: Paul, did you

EPISODE 49 – What the Shit Are You Eating?!
June 23, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: The lads weird food combos and curse the night away for the #CleanWaterFund. Dan's Arcade goes token as hell with this weeks entertainment! Psssstt... Voltron....

EPISODE 48 – Ken Conquers DC!
June 16, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: Ken returns from our Nations Capital chock full of shit to talk about! Dan unleashes the "Fuck O Meter" on some new movies coming out

EPISODE 47 – Ryan’s Grocery!
June 09, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: This just in, Ryan has returned! Dan talks more on X-men: Apocalypse about upcoming movies for this week, and Ryan plans to open a grocery

EPISODE 46 – This is Getting a Little Odd!
June 02, 2016 • No Comments

Summary: Back from the break! The lads Bounce Castle has returned, Dan unveils a few new flicks, and read some of the entries this semester's Zombie