Episode 43 – Hungover at the meeting and thinking about the seashells!

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The lads discuss their preferred dystopian future, Critter recaps the highlights from visiting the House of the Mouse, and Dan unleashes some new titles.

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: Zombie

Quote du Jour:

Pepper: “You should pull that out. That shit is not cool.”
Frank: “Wait…wait… pull what out?”
Pepper: “The DART, man! You’ve got a fuckin’ dart in your neck!”
Frank (laughing): You’re…you’re crazy man. You’re crazy! I like you… but you’re crazy! I’m so tired…”

Frank the Tank and Pepper the animal handler – Old School

Intro/Outro Music: from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

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