Episode 23 – Dan’s Arcade take over!!

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Into the shelter! The lads discuss the recently released Fallout 4, games that have held up (or not) since childhood, and Spencer drinks a level (boredom begets madness).

In the Studio:

John G.

Cocktail du Jour: The Fat Man & The Mushroom Cloud

Quote du Jour: 

Alex: Dude, why don’t you pick up your phone? I’ve been calling for the past half hour!

Dante: Sorry bro, I was putting up my Christmas tree!

Alex: Dude? It’s the middle of July.

Dante: Get the fuck outta here! It is?

Alex: Dude? Why are you naked?

Dante: Ooohhh shit! I am naked! Come in.

– Alex and Dante, “Grandma’s Boy”

Intro/Outro Music: from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

Pics & Links: 

Red Dead “Donkey Woman” Glitch

Red Dead “Cougar Man” Glitch


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