Episode 9 – Local Celebrity Brian Held!

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The lads are joined by (local celebrity) Brian Held, Jr. of the Week in Geek radio program. Topics span from odd summer jobs and tiki bars to dragon slaying and cosplayers out-doing hollywood.

In the Studio:

Local Celebrity Brian Held, Jr.

Cocktail du Jour: Rusty Nail

Quote du Jour: “I’m gonna have fun, and you’re gonna have fun. We’re all gonna have so much fuckin’ fun that we’re gonna need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You’re gonna be whistling ‘Zippity-doo-dah’ out of your assholes!” Clark Griswold – National Lampoon’s Vacation

Pics & Links:

Girl Drink Drunk – Kids in the Hall

You’re Not Getting to Me – Chef 

Beach Bum Berry’s Latitude 29

The Week in Geek

Dick in the Mouth

I Kill Dragons dot Com 


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