Episode 5 – Gum Tracks and Dream cars!!!

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The lads make a few additions to the “Gum Track” list, discuss their respective “dream cars,” and Ken reveals his shortcut to giving your child a… “unique” name. Also, Mike shows us what it sounds like when someone keeps fidgeting with a GODDAMN PLUG ADAPTER THE WHOLE FUCKIN’ EPISODE (sorry for the clicking)!

In the studio:


Cocktail du Jour: G & T with a Bloody Mary chaser

Quote du Jour: Rainbow Randolph – Death to Smoochie

Pics & Links:

Silverchair Frontman (Daniel Johns) video – “Cool on Fire”

Silverchair video – “Freak”

Bloody Marys Gone Crazy

The Majestic Idris Elba

Stupid Kid Names dot Com 




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