Episode 84 – Science Bitch!

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The lads discuss some of their favorite science, math, history, and all kinds of other educational things that have, despite their best efforts, stuck with them over the years.

In the Studio:


Cocktail du Jour: The Copper Mine (Layered Shot)

Equal Parts
– Frangelico (bottom)
– Tia Maria (middle)
– Bailey’s (top)

Layer these shots using the back of a spoon or any other way you know how to layer a shot. It will make a nice transition from dark to light. Or if you’re not into all that, just dump them all together and shoot them. They’re all going to the same place.

 Quote du Jour:

Kenny – You goddamn motherfuckers. You fucking waltz in here, and you think you know everything, don’t you? Well, I fucking worked my fucking ass off to get to New York City, and you sure as fuck are not gonna fucking blow it for me!
Howard – I was just doing character…
Kenny – Barry, Jerry, clarify the situation for him, please.
Lawyer (Barry) – Page 108, paragraph 3, No jokes dealing with flatulence, excretion, urination, ejaculation, or other bodily functions.
Lawyer (Jerry) – Also, note paragraph 2: no use of the so-called seven dirty words. These are cocksucker, mother-fucker, fuck, shit, cunt, cock, and pussy.

Kenny, Howard, and the Lawyers(Barry/Jerry) – Private Parts

Intro/Outro music from Haggis Rampant’s new album, “Burly!”

Charity: Songs For Kids Foundation: https://www.songsforkids.org/


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